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Want To Be A Successful Full Time Online Coach?


All The Systems, Templates & Skills You Need To Dominate The Online Fitness Space – In ONE Programme

Dear coach…how would it feel to wake up and know you’ve got an online fitness business that runs like clockwork? That soul-destroying job that used to kill your mojo? It’s in the past. You’re a confident, professional business owner who knows exactly how to make money doing what you love.

What every online fitness coach wishes they’d had at the start!

Make Me An Online Coach is NOT another “7 Figure business in 12 weeks” pipe dream.. It is the ONLY education and mentoring programme with 1-to-1 personal support designed to fast-track you into a successful, full time online fitness coaching business.

No matter what your start position is, this mentorship guides you to your dream online coaching business. 


Stop trying to go it alone – get a powerful team behind you

I’m Tom, the guy behind Make Me An Online Coach. I’ve been where you are right now. Passionate about the industry… but completely confused about how to set up an online business. It took me years of education, multiple mentors, burnouts and plenty of mistakes to get here. This programme is what I wish I knew nearly 8 years ago…. systems, templates, guidance, knowledge community and expert support.

This took me nearly EIGHT years – let me fast-track you!

I’ve worked with almost every kind of client (seriously). Online coaching has given me and my future family a lifestyle that I only dreamt of growing up without being tied to a desk or a 9-5…. BUT I’ve hit every barrier and breakdown you can imagine along the way.

You don’t need to go through any of the sleepless nights, self-doubt, and expensive mistakes. Make Me An Online Coach is the fastest, clearest, most enjoyable way to get there.

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Ready To Own A Coaching Business That Gives You More Money, Fulfilment, & Free Time?

  • “Online fitness coaching is over-crowded, how can I possibly stand out?”

  • “It’s all so overwhelming – where do you start?”

  • “My online coaching business has stalled – what do I do now?”

  • “I need someone to teach me how to get amazing client results”

  •  “I have no idea what is different about me and what I do”

  • “How do you write content that people actually read?”

  • “I don’t know how to get people signed up as paying clients”

  • “How do you know what to charge for online coaching?”

  • “I need systems that take the time and stress out of getting leads”

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How Does Make Me An Online Coach work?

This programme is for people who want to not only work as a full-time online fitness coach, but to have their DREAM online fitness business as fast as possible. If you already have an online coaching business? Then together were going to take it to the next level. Were going to 10x your clarity, systems, lead generation, profits & client results…

1. Sign up and book your consult

2. Get your first personalised 90-day business blueprint

3. Access video modules, “done for you” templates, resources and live trainings to achieve your goals

4. Check-in and stay accountable to me with 1-1 access 

5. Be part of our community of coaches with live trainings and in-person meet ups 

6. After 90 days, we move to monthly coaching calls where we review progress and set new goals and tasks 


– 90-day personalised business blueprint tailored to you

– Monthly coaching calls

– Direct access to me on my personal messenger  

– Weekly accountability check in 

– Direct access to me on my personal messenger  

– Weekly live group trainings 

Live in person meet ups every quarter 

– Access to The Lab with 100+ hours of video tutorials

– A community group for extra support and accountability

– Access to an additional support coach for even more accountability & support 

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Is Make Me An Online Coach right for you?

I’m new to the fitness industry

That’s absolutely fine – Make Me An Online Coach is designed for people who want an online fitness business but don’t know where to start, or who want to grow and scale their existing online coaching business.

I’ve never had an online business before

Make Me An Online Coach will teach you everything you need to know, through coaching and mentoring, education, templates and systems. You don’t need any prior experience.

I already have a coaching business, is this for me?

Yes. Your 90-day blueprint plans are personalised to wherever you are in the business journey. If you already have a coaching business but know it could be more streamlined, efficient, or profitable, Make Me An Online Coach will transform it.

I’m still working and can’t afford to quit yet

I understand (I was the same when I set up my first online coaching business). Make Me An Online Coach is designed so you can access the video modules, do the homework, and check in at a time to suit you.

I don’t have much free time in the week

That’s OK – a few hours a week is enough. We have members who only have 3-4 hours a week to spare. The more time you can spend on it, the more you’ll learn in the year.

I can’t commit to regular check in times

That’s OK, I get that life can be hectic when you’re juggling shift work, studies, and home life. Check in when you can.

Can you guarantee how much money I’ll make?

No (and I hate that “6-figure” hype!) The amount of money your new online business will make depends on your audience, product, pricing, and other factors. What I can guarantee is that you will have everything you need for maximum success.

I don’t know what my first online product should be

That’s OK – one of the initial steps is to work out your audience, product, and offer. It’s a fundamental part of Make Me An Online Coach.

I have zero experience of marketing or selling

You won’t be the only one! Marketing, copywriting, social media, sales, and consults are all covered in Make Me An Online Coach. Plus I bring in professional experts to give you extra support.

Why is it a minimum 6 month commitment?

What you’re about to learn took me nearly 8 years. This course is packed with information and value. If it was shorter, we wouldn’t have time to get everything running like clockwork, even at the 6-month mark, you will still want accountability, support and to take your business to the next level! 

Are you prepared to put this off for another year?

Ready to leave your old life behind and start making great money as a recognised, renowned and most important fulfilled online fitness coach? Then book a free coaching call today – we start soon.

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